Who Really Won?

Thursday, November 11, 2004

ABC: Hmm, What's This About Voting Problems?

Yet another version of this story:

But there were also several dozen voters in six states particularly Democrats in Florida who said the wrong candidates appeared on their touch-screen machine's checkout screen, the coalition said.

In many cases, voters said they intended to select John Kerry but when the computer asked them to verify the choice it showed them instead opting for President Bush, the group said.

Roberta Harvey, 57, of Clearwater, Fla., said she had tried at least a half dozen times to select Kerry-Edwards when she voted Tuesday at Northwood Presbyterian Church.

After 10 minutes trying to change her selection, the Pinellas County resident said she called a poll worker and got a wet-wipe napkin to clean the touch screen as well as a pencil so she could use its eraser-end instead of her finger. Harvey said it took about 10 attempts to select Kerry before and a summary screen confirmed her intended selection.

Just for the record, there has yet to be seen a story stating that a voter tried to vote for Bush and the vote showed up as a Kerry vote. Surely, just another odds defying coincidence.