Who Really Won?

Thursday, November 11, 2004

There's A Red Vote Rising On the Cuyahoga River

From Bradblog again:

We've all read how folks in urban areas (even in the Red States) voted for Kerry, rural people voted for Bush.

You'd think that would pan out in urban Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland).

But from this chart you'll see, the more votes per precinct there, the smaller the percentage of Kerry votes.

The GREEN trend line is the size of voter turnout in each precinct, and the BLUE trend line is the percentage of votes for Kerry.

While conventional wisdom is often wrong, if the above numbers are accurate, it does seem a bit odd to say the least that the higher the turnout in a strongly Democratic county (Kerry won Cuyahoga 63%-33% if I recall correctly), would result in a smaller percentage of votes for the Democrat!