Who Really Won?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Manual Editing of Results: Proof?

This dude writes this at Dailykos:

These are things that could ONLY HAPPEN if the files were MANUALLY changed.

New Mexico suddenly changed its votes by 10,000 for Bush around 1:00 am EST as reported by CNN shortly after Bush said he was waiting for the news networks to call New Mexico to make a victory speech. They actually said on air "we don't understand what happened... the numbers just CHANGED".

4000 extra votes were given to Bush in one Ohio county. It was as simple as adding a 4 in front of the rest of the votes for Bush. This county only had a little over 600 registered voters.

Whoever was changing the votes made some small mistakes along the way leaving a trail of it all over the official web sites.

I took these screen shots myself off the official Ohio election web site the night of the election while votes were being tallied/changed:

I guess we know why David Cobb got Kerry's votes at times during election night in Ohio. Whoever was MANUALLY editing the files accidentally gave Cobb the numbers instead of Kerry. That is the only way that could have happened. The program didn't do it. This is as easy as opening a file and changing 400 to 800 and then saving it. Wait... it is opening a file, changing it, then saving it!

4. This leaves a discrepancy between the number of voters in a county and the number of votes if the person who changed the votes only changed one number and didn't change others.

They did not need to be changed by the election officials or the people who were working on the computer. These computers were most likely hacked into (a very simple feat) and those hackers changed the numbers. Any old hacker could have done this EASY. It could have been a group of 10 hackers in the same room who are Bush fans, one per battleground state.