Who Really Won?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

37 Reasons To Ignore The Election Fraud

1) ’X-Files’ Argument: "I don’t believe in conspiracies, then joke about Hitler now living comfortably in Barbados, completing his second set of diaries for Der Stern have masterminded yet another election day plot to subvert American democracy." Ask why the Washington Post would feed into conspiracy theories that political reporters on its own staff could have debunked in 30 seconds. RESPONSE: Incorrect: While Hitler and Jim Morrison were the same person, neither had the modem phone numbers and IP addresses can change the central tabulators in a few key battleground counties. One Diebold omployee does not a conspiracy make. $4 billion is odometer fraud every year says where there is an evil will, there is an evil way.

2) ’Sour Grapes’ Argument: "Pro-Kerry folks don’t like losing." We are bad sports. RESPONSE: Yep, that’s true. See ya at the counter-inaugural.

3) ’The Fat Lady Singing’ Argument: "It’s over,get over it." RESPONSE: No, don’t think so. You are reading this article aren’t you?

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