Who Really Won?

Monday, December 20, 2004

Welcome Bush Supporters!


Quite a few hits lately from Bush supporters at Timblair/spleenville sent from this post:

"A thriving coalition of election denialists has emerged in the wake of George W. Bush's victory.

Compare the paranoid howlings from these people to the calm reason of Michael Moore. If only all anti-Bush activists were as rational."

Of course, the timblair types ignore their own history of making similar charges in the other direction.

Anyway, comments were allowed on this post, so Republicans were free to post responses to this question:

If it's mathematically impossible for Kerry to win a recount in Ohio why is Blackwell doing his best to slow it down or prevent it? Apparently the law provides for a recount and does not allow the Secretary Of State to claim "it costs too much" or "I don't think it would change anything" to avoid a recount.

The "law and order" party would not just toss aside laws they disagree with, would they?

Bonus question: Why shouldn't there be paper trails in elections?

After a few days of more visits from right wingers and no answers yet I read their comments on their site and found they were concerned about registering to post. So I wondered aloud what the actual problem was with registering (of course, most sites these days require to register to comment or even read them in the first place). So one brave soul posted an answer here. Most declined, and then comments at their site were closed down. Lots of brave keyboarders over there.