Who Really Won?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Unusual Ohio Pattern: Perfectly Good Democrats Vote Republican

"Ledge Of Liberty" has this interesting table:

To believe Bush won Ohio, you would have to believe that perfectly good Democrats turned Republican. Almost two-hundred-thousand Democrats gone bad -- it just isn’t feasible. These numbers don’t add up to a legitimate election. Period.

Up until now, numbers on the spreadsheet looked just as you’d expect – tons of confusing numbers on a spreadsheet. But this final step is quite revealing, negative percentages of change, across the board, for Democratic candidate, John Kerry, and wouldn’t you know it -- positive percentages of change for the Republican candidate, George W. Bush.

He took an average of Democratic vs Republican votes by county in the previous four elections and averaged out the votes. Then found that in every single county Kerry apparently got a smaller percentage of D votes than the D candidates in the other elections.

These are not small percentages of change either; they are quite significant –- huge -- more than enough to sway the election in favor of John Kerry. The numbers just don’t lie, statistically; George Bush could not have won this election.