Who Really Won?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Keith Olbermann Posts From Undisclosed Location

Swears the story of his being on vacation is true and he hasn't been taken out or fired.

I suspect the coverage is going to go through the roof as the news spreads that Nader has gotten his recount in New Hampshire, and that the Greens and Libertarians are actually going to get their Ohio recount. When reporters discover what Jonathan Turley pointed out to us on Tuesday’s show, namely that 70% of Ohio’s votes were done with punch cards and as Florida proved in 2000, in court, a lot of those punch cards - as Jon put it - “turn over,” I suspect there will be long-form television on the process. As an aside: as of earlier today, the Green/Libs - should we just go ahead and call them the Glibs? - were at $118,000 towards their Ohio war-chest goal of $150,000. I’ve gotten a peck of e-mails about why neither party’s website has details, and it turns out the site you want on this is VoteCobb.Org.


Conservatives rail against MSNBC's Olbermann for reporting election irregularities