Who Really Won?

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Cincy Enquirer Doesn't Want to Know

Cincy Enquirer does an update on the election story in Ohio. It's pretty much another 'move on, there's nothing to see here' story. A few choice quotes:

"We know there have been way too many voting irregularities for this to be a glitch," said Lisa Kelly, 45, of Middletown, Del., one of the army of Kerry supporters calling and e-mailing anyone she can to reopen the election in Ohio. "I think it is a concerted effort to affect the outcome of the election in a fraudulent manner."

"A shroud of Kremlinesque secrecy surrounds the entire process," said Simon Glickman, 40, of Los Angeles, who wants to see an investigation into Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's activities. "It's abundantly clear, now, that there's funny business going on."

They do a sidebar with explanations for some of the irregularities. They forgive the Warren County counters who decided to claim a terrorist threat prevented them from publicly counting the votes. And say it doesn't matter, the margin was too large.