Who Really Won?

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Incontrovertible Evidence of Fraud in Palm Beach County?

Interesting post at this site:

Check out these stunning results from Palm Beach County:

Absentee Kerry: 58%
Absentee Bush: 42%
Absentee Total: 91,038
Kerry Absentee Margin: +16

Early Kerry: 72%
Early Bush: 28%
Early Total: 49,365
Kerry Early Voting Margin: +43

Election Day Kerry: 40%
Election Day Total: 404,666
Kerry Election Day Margin: -20

If a similar breakdown were available from other Florida counties would it show a similar result? Is there any possible legitimate explanation for this outcome? We do not find the argument that Democrats voted absentee or early voting and the Republicans waited to vote on election day, because the facts of organizational strength on the ground were precisely the opposite of that. It was the Republicans who were by far the better organized with their GOTV operation.

Couldn't find these figures to confirm, but since we're sending out 'smoke signals from hell', what the heck!