Who Really Won?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

No Do Over In Washington

Repuglicans in Washington are stuck using torts to save their battle for the governorship:

Dealing a blow to Republicans seeking a revote for Washington governor, a Chelan County Superior Court judge has ruled that even if Republicans win their election challenge he can't order a new election.

"The court doesn't have that authority," Judge John E. Bridges told a rapt courtroom on Friday in this Eastern Washington city.

Though the judge dashed their hopes of a spring revote, Republicans said the courts still could nullify the election, forcing Gregoire to vacate the office until a new general election in November.

Rossi has repeatedly said he doesn't want to be anointed governor by the courts, and Lane reiterated that pledge on Friday.

"That's not the remedy we're seeking," she said.