Who Really Won?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Tad Off Topic: The Power Of Liberal Blogs

Chris Bowers looks at the scoreboard in the battle between right wing blogs and lefty blogs:

More importantly, however, we did a tremendous amount of work that had little to do with the media while they did almost none. We raised well over a million dollars for Democratic candidates in the 2004 cycle whereas they did not even come close to 100K. We crushed Roemer's candidacy for DNC chair and are on the verge of basically selecting the new DNC chair, whereas they said nothing about the RNC chair. We changed a law in Virginia, but I have never heard of them contacting lawmakers. We organized a challenge to the electoral vote certification, but I can't remember the last time a Republican Senator did something on the urging of the right-wing netroots. We have significantly whipped our own party into line on Social Security, and there is nothing comparable on their side. We formed a PAC and started running ads, but I guess they have Rather. And we did a bunch of other things as well that I did not mention here, but, of course, they have Rather.

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