Who Really Won?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Congress Blew It

Last Thursday, however, democracy got trumped. The vast majority of the members of the House and Senate chose not to live up to the responsibility rested upon them by the founders.

Congressional Democrats who failed to support the objection to the Ohio count - as well as those moderate Republicans who would like to think of themselves as anything more than rubber stamps for a president who has never displayed respect for the Constitution - need to ask themselves some questions:

What is it about the phrase "electoral justice" that they don't understand? Is there any level of minority disenfranchisement that they would take seriously? Do they really believe that conservative Republicans in Congress would go along with certification of election results from a state where there was significant evidence of disenfranchisement of a Republican-leaning group, such as evangelical Christians?

They know the answers to those questions. And if they are honest with themselves, those thinking members of Congress who failed to object to the certification of the Ohio results know that they let down the American people.