Who Really Won?

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Eight Little Hours?

Georgia10 says it's her last election update at DailyKos.

She spread the word about the tortured logic of the National Associations of the Secretaries of State:

We recognize that better allocation of resources and improved poll worker training would have helped cut down on voters' wait time. We accept the fact that better voter education campaigns and poll worker training could have reduced the number of provisional ballots cast. We also know that Americans with no confidence in the system would not have waited as many as eight hours in some cases to vote, and that for the first time, no voter was turned away.

Maybe next time we can prove our confidence in voting by waiting a couple days. Especially if we want to vote against Republicans.

Some waiting in line were hoping to avoid casting provisional ballots, a good choice as many were tossed aside against their intended purpose.