Who Really Won?

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Republican Hypocricy In Washington State

Robert L. Jamieson Jr. of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Funny, the Republicans didn't have much to say about how "broken" the state's election machine was after the general election Nov. 2.

That's probably because their man, Rossi, got the win.

Later, Republicans were mum when it came to widespread allegations of election high jinks. And they weren't yowling about more votes being counted than there are voters on preliminary voting lists. Why bother when a machine recount pushed Rossi ahead again, this time by a nose?

But when Democrats sought a final recount by a manual process -- as the law permits -- and Gregoire was victorious by 129 votes, the elephant party went on a stampede.

The Republicans are willing to kick up anything -- uncounted military ballots? -- that could cast any doubt on the election result and fuel a revote.

None of the stuff they rail about now seemed to matter much when they were basking in the honeymoon glow of postelection.

Just goes to show that "integrity" in the voting process becomes a vital issue when your party is on the short end.

Republican leaders have to know their shifting positions for a new election plays like a klutzy ballerina with vertigo on a newly waxed floor.

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