Who Really Won?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Congressional Update

24 Reps write a letter:

Clinton Curtis, who either has some kinda smoky gun or is a wacko conspiracy theorist, has supposedly met with a bunch of Senators:

A source visting the Senate offices with Curtis tells us that so far the reception they've received from each office has been "very positive" and that "things are lit up like a Christmas tree here" with all of the Senate office phones ringing off the hook with callers urging Senators to stand up and object. Almost zero calls coming in advising the contrary as our source describes it.

At the time we talked with our source, the Democratic Senators were in "an issue meeting", and the source tells us that this issue -- the challenge to Electors tomorrow -- is described as "the major issue" being discussed.

The Senate story is seconded by 'pronin2' at DailyKos:

here is what I did today, like you:
---all day I called every single democratic senator, plus jeffords, chaffee. Im compeltely exhausted. the senators are inundated, make no doubt guys. one girl I spoke with was at the point of tears, thousands of phone calls. I asked the operator: So a high call volume today? she said tens of thousands are calling, all about ohio. good. phone lines are jammed-literally. could never get to feingold. finally got to boxer's san diego office. the only office of her's that had a open phone line! holey hell.
--my oberservations: either the staffs of these senators have been told to play coy on tommorrow's events,or they are bullshiting on the phone, or they are really pset by conyers' report and are thinking of contesting the vote.
--whose offices were most helpful: byrd, schumer, clinton. hands down.
clinton's staffer told me -hillary has a group of lawyers who are examining the issue and is deciding what action she will or will not take tommorrow on the senate floor. also he said these lawyers have been to ohio verifying information.
*schumer's staffer told me-we are flooded. thousands of calls. a real flood on ohio. said call kerry. I did-kerry's dc office says" mailbox full, sorry." has he already left the nation?
*byrd's office was especially receptive. said all the senators have conyers' report and reguard it with great seriousness.
*sen. landrieau's office: really receptive. I mentioned msnbc reported boxer may challenge. they said that changes everything. whatever that means.
*kennedy's office-snide, but then the staffer said "we are overwhelmed beyond belief. we are physically and meotionally exhausted from the calls. expressed great concern. said kennedy is deciding what action to take.
the others had nothing really distinctive, but almost all would say "let me guess, ohio right?" yes, that is how many calls.
--I just wanted my voice to be added to the tally the staffs keep on issues. clearly today's tally is exclusively in favor of contesting the vote. Im amazed that so many people are calling. the internet movement has moved to the senate and house. to all of us who have fought so hard-called, faxed letters may we find our efforts proven fruitful. if not, I will be devastated. we have done all can today, I think.