Who Really Won?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bush Says, Move On, Folks

Gee, I wish we were allowed to toss aside the various Whitewater/Paula Jones cases that turned out to have no basis in fact:

President Bush's re-election campaign asked the chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court on Monday to throw out a challenge of the election in this swing state, saying the case resembles "a poorly drafted script for a late night conspiracy-theory movie."

Is that a legal argument or a PR campaign? Why not let the case be disproven if it's so lame?

UPDATE: Voters Stand Firm

One voter didn’t see any signs of fraud on Election Day but was suspicious of the results. Another was surprised by long lines in her suburban city, where voting was always quick in the past.

Others were angered by having to wait hours to vote in black neighborhoods. Some left in frustration without casting their ballots.

In all, 37 voters in this swing state are challenging President Bush’s Nov. 2 victory over Democratic Sen. John Kerry. They want Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer to set aside the election results.