Who Really Won?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A New Blog

A lot like the old blog.

Bradblog was overwhelmed with hits and unreachable after the 'whistleblower' report, so he's come up with bradblogtoo for his latest news, including media interest in the Curtis (whistleblower) issue:

While many internet folks have been all over this since yesterday (and on the Election 2004 issue in general for moreone exhausting month now), I can confirm as well that a number of very prominent mainstream media organizations are also currently looking into this. Even several organizations that The BRAD BLOG has been a tad critical of over the last several weeks for not investigating and reporting on so many issues that have long been well-worthy of it. I am glad to see some folks are sitting up and taking notice finally.

And you can read his take on the Bev Harris take on the Curtis affair. If you don't know who these characters, you've got a lot of Who Really Won or google reading to do...