Who Really Won?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

DNC to Investigate Ohio Voting Irregularities

The Washington Post reports:

The leader of the Democratic National Committee announced yesterday that he will launch an investigation into voting irregularities in Ohio, where lines snaked outside some inner-city polling places on Election Day and provisional ballots were sometimes in short supply.

Later we read:

(Blackewell spokesman) said that at one polling station, at Kenyon College in Knox County, some voters had to wait six hours because Democratic and Republican campus groups registered thousands of students. They voted at a precinct "that normally handles a few hundred people," LoParo said.

Maybe that's one of the reasons we register voters-so we know in advance that we may need a few more machines than we did when we had fewer registered voters.

Of course, to 'balance' the charges we have to read this again:

Tara Wall, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said Democrats should investigate claims against themselves as well as those against their opponents.

"The Democrats need to look at the intimidation and voter disenfranchisement that took place on their behalf in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania," she said.

There were 68 cases in 16 states that county clerks and agencies were reporting thousands of suspicious registrations, including dead people, fictional characters like Dick Tracy and Mary Poppins, and people who lived on vacant lots," Wall said.

Of course, the liberal WashPost doesn't investigate if any of these Dicks and Marys voted.

Or tell us exactly how goofy registrations=intimidation or disenfranchisement.