Who Really Won?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Please Be Patient

Before the election, this was written about the Ohio vote:

If Tuesday's presidential election is close in Ohio, it could be mid-November or later before it's known for sure which candidate won the state - and maybe the presidency.

Under law, boards of elections cannot even begin counting "provisional" ballots until Nov. 13. Because that's a Saturday, many boards might wait until Nov. 15 to begin.


During the 10 days, they can argue about which provisional ballots should be counted. Also, I suppose, they can hope that interest in finding out the actual results may die down.

We've already heard about the 3,900 Bush votes that didn't exist and had to be removed from his tally. As the 'legitimate' media reports, Alert Web surfers have already helped discover a computer glitch in Franklin County's election results that gave Bush an extra 3,893 votes in Gahanna. Seems blogs are good for something other than discrediting Dan Rather.

Still to be counted are 155,000 provisional ballots. There may be 93,000 punchcard votes that didn't register a vote, but could under closer investigation. (Probably more Kerry votes in that group-poor urban areas are stuck with those lousy punch card vote systems).

The vote tally won't be done until December 1st. Wonder how much of this delay is to prevent a timely recount from happening (remember Florida 2000), which can't happen until the Republican controlled election board s l o w l y does its job.