Who Really Won?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cuyahoga County: More Suspicious Vote Totals

From mydd another good look inside the vote totals in Ohio:

This region is very democratic. Gore beat Bush in these precincts 61,444 to 2,256 in 2000, about a 27-to-1 ratio (check the links above to verify... I'm not including absentee ballots). Kerry beat Bush in these precincts by 74,934 to 3,816 in 2004, about a 22-to-1 ratio. It is no surprise that in 2004, Kerry took the median precinct with 96% of the vote here, nor is it surprising that he won 3/4 of the precincts by at least 94%.

The precincts that stand out are the following 7:

precinct BAD BC K/E PER Bal Sp %Kerry

CLEVELAND 4F 0 21 290 215 554 28 55.1

CLEVELAND 4N 163 11 318 7 507 8 63.7

CLEVELAND 5B 0 12 74 16 102 0 72.5

CLEVELAND 8G 51 19 225 1 305 9 76.0

CLEVELAND 3I 1 13 464 70 567 19 84.7

CLEVELAND 8I 0 8 245 27 318 38 87.5

CLEVELAND 3B 41 17 456 1 533 18 88.5

Bad is Badnarik, BC is Bush/Cheney, K/E Kerry Edwards, Per is Peroutka. Bal is the total number of ballots cast, and Sp are the number of spoiled ballots for the presidential race.

In each of these precincts, either Badnarik or Peroutka received a disproportionately high number of votes (as if one or more voting booths at these locations were labelled incorrectly, or some levers punched the wrong column). It's not like people in this urban area will be drawn to the Texan Badnarik or the Constitution Party's Peroutka. If you take these 580+ votes in these 7 precints away, these two guys received 260 votes in all other 200 precincts in these 10 wards in the east side of Cleveland (an average of 1.3 third-party votes per precinct). Again, this is in a region where it is surprising if Kerry receives less than 90% of the vote (in each of these precincts, Bush is still receiving 2-6% of the vote, except for 5B where he gets 11%). It's not possible to argue that these third-party votes were meant for Bush.. he rarely received more than 5% in any of the 200 east-side Cleveland precincts.