Who Really Won?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

You Hurt My Feelings!

A Republican voices why a recount in Ohio would be bad-it would hurt the feelings of the counties. In response, he plans to file a lawsuit (apparently will have to use him some of them evil trial lawyers. Hopefully it will not be frivolous, this lawsuit of his).

"Counties are very upset," said Keith Cunningham, director of the Allen County Board of Elections and incoming president of the Ohio Association of Election Officials.

"The inference is that Ohio election officials will not count every vote," Cunningham said. "That's just insulting; it's frivolous and simply harassment."

Cunningham said he was consulting with officials in several counties before deciding whether to pursue legal action to prevent a recount.

"I need to see if this is merely my opinion or reflects the opinion of the association," he said.