Who Really Won?

Monday, January 07, 2008

NYTimes Once Again Notices Our Flawed System

Big article in the Sunday Times Magazine, Can You Count on Voting Machines?

Short answer: No.

Then the tale of the voters the Republicans want to take the vote from: old ladies without photo IDs...

“Of course I threw a fit,” said Ms. Williams, 61, who was made to cast a provisional ballot instead, which, according to voting records, was never counted. Ms. Williams — who has difficulty walking — said she was not able to get a ride to the voting office to prove her identity within 10 days as required under the law, and her ballot was discarded.

They find a judge who finds it hard to believe that people who barely walk may choose not to jet around the world AND don't find themselves in court regularly:

“It is exceedingly difficult to maneuver in today’s America without a photo ID (try flying, or even entering a tall building such as the courthouse in which we sit, without one),” wrote Judge Richard A. Posner in a January 2007 opinion by the Seventh United States Circuit Court of Appeals.