Who Really Won?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fair And Balanced: Bizarroworld

Now KDKA has learned that the Republican State Committee has sent a letter to the Secretary of State asking that voting machines in 27 counties that have been accused of being malfunctioning – be impounded tonight

The issue has to do with reports that some of the electronic voting machines were not working properly.

Pennsylvania GOP officials claimed there were reports that some machines were changing Republican votes to Democratic votes. They asked the state to investigate and said they were not ruling out a legal challenge.

According to Santorum's camp, people are voting for Santorum, but the vote either registered as invalid or a vote for Casey.

Asked if the party would consider legal action, state Republican executive director Scott Migli said, "We've got all options on the table at this point. We feel like the electoral system has been left up to computer technicians.

To see the way too many voting 'glitch' stories, Google news search has the scoop.