Who Really Won?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Red State Disapproval

From Steve Soto over at The Left Coaster, a look at the Bush approval ratings, especially in the Red States:

First, if you want to see something that will concern Rove, take a look at how many red states have disapproval ratings of Bush equal to or exceeding his approval rating, within the 4% margin of error, and you will see that the Bush electoral stronghold is no more:

Texas: 50% Approve-47% Disapprove (yeah, I said Texas)
Virginia: 49%-46%
Louisiana: 49%-47%
Oklahoma: 49%-47%
South Carolina: 48%-47%
South Dakota: 48%-47%
Georgia: 48%-48%
Indiana: 48%-48%
Tennessee: 48%-49%
West Virginia: 47%-47%
Arizona: 46%-49%

Again, these are all red states. And if my guy had a disapproval rating of say 45% or over in a "base" state, I would be pretty concerned.

Second, note how Bush’s disapproval rating is at 50% or above in the following red states:

Florida (50%-hello Bro’)
Missouri (52%)
New Mexico (50%)
North Carolina (50%)
Colorado (52%)
Arkansas (52%)
Iowa (52%)

Did I mention that these were red states?

But more importantly, take a look at his disapproval rating in two other key “red” states:

Ohio: 57%
Nevada: 57%

Now, at the risk of stirring up new “Forget about Ohio” conspiracy taunts from freepers, please explain to me how Bush can be at 57% disapproval in Ohio eight months after “winning” the state with a flood of moral values voters streaming from the pews to the polls under the radar screen? I mean, only nine other states have a higher disapproval rating of Bush right now than Ohio and Nevada.

So what the hell happened to all these moral values voters who “delivered” Ohio to Bush at the finish line? Did they disappear back into church and manage to avoid being polled?

Or did they not exist in the first place?