Who Really Won?

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Triad Troubles

Georgia10 at Daily Kos has posted some of House Rep. John Conyers' letter to Triad, the voting machine company....

I have more questions and concerns than ever about the conduct of your firm in connection with the Ohio presidential election and recount. In particular, I am concerned that your company has operated - either intentionally or negligently- in a manner which will thwart the recount law in Ohio by preventing validly cast ballots in the presidential election from being counted.

You have done this by preparing "cheat sheets" providing county election officials with information such that they would more easily be able to ignore valid ballots that were thrown out by the machines during the initial count. The purpose of the Ohio recount law is to randomly check vote counts to see if they match machine counts. By attempting to ascertain the precinct be recounted in advance, and than informing the election officials of the number of votes they need to count by hand to make sure it matches the machine count is an invitation to completely ignore the purpose of the recount law.

You as much as admitted this was your purpose at the December 20 hearing:

Rapp: "Remember, the purpose was to train people on how to conduct their jobs...and to help them identify problems when they conducted the recount...If they could not hand recount the ballots correctly, they would know what they needed to look for in that recount."