Who Really Won?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

"None of these ballots should be counted"

Washington State Republican Chairman Chris Vance: "None of these ballots should be counted."

573 absentee ballots had not been counted because the voters' signatures had not been scanned into the county's computer system. Election workers should have checked the paper files, but instead the ballots were mistakenly rejected.

Still to be decided was the fate of 22 other newly discovered ballots. They were found in several polling places in the side bins of plastic bases in which polling machines sit, said Bill Huennekens, county election superintendent.

Yep, those 573 ballots cast shouldn't be counted because of a SNAFU committed by election workers or because they were misplaced.

Apparently the Constitution allows you the right to vote only if it gets counted election night. Any mistake, even not your own, means your vote can be cast aside.