Who Really Won?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Why They Won't Certify The Results In Ohio

Because of this:

Lawyers who have been documenting voting may problems in Ohio say they'll challenge the results of the presidential election as soon as the vote is official.

The lawyers say documented cases of long lines, a shortage of machines and a pattern of problems in predominantly black neighborhoods are enough evidence to bring such a challenge.

And this:

Ralph Nader is pushing for a vote re-count in Ohio, alleging wide-spread voter irregularities.

Nader blasted Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, saying he should resign in disgrace.

"When people are standing in line for four or five hours and they are told they've go to stand in line for another five hours and they leave because they've got to go to work or they got to pick up their child at day care, that's a constitutional crime," says Nader.